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Four Biblical Patterns for the Year 2024

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Every new year is a new season and comes with its temptations, troubles and testimonies. God has different ways of speaking to His people about their seasons. He can grant revelations through dreams, visions and impressions. The Bible is full of such revelations (Genesis 41; 2 Kings 8; Acts 11). He can open your eyes as you read His word and show you how the Word you are reading applies to the season ahead. John the Baptist was reading the portion of the Scripture in Isaiah 40 when the Spirit of God opened his heart to understand he was reading about himself. God has also given us patterns in the Bible for every season of man. We can get a prophetic picture of a season by examining the Biblical patterns for that season. Whereas you cannot force the Holy Spirit to give you dreams or visions about any season, you can always go to the Bible, see the patterns for a season, and through the Holy Spirit, discern or receive the mind of God concerning the season. God knew everything about 2024 from eternity past.


There are 5 Biblical patterns that can help us understand what the Lord is saying concerning the year 2024. I always give more than one Biblical pattern for each season so that “By the mouth of two or three witnesses, every word is established”(Deuteronomy 17:6; 19:15; Matthew 18:16; 2 Corinthians 13:1; 1 Timothy 5:19; Hebrews 10:28). When you study a season from the different biblical patterns, you will gain a broader perspective of the season. 

Here are the 5 Biblical patterns for the year 2024.

1. The narrative of the third day of creation.

2. The 24th book of the Bible

3. The 24th chapters of the Bible

4. The narrative of Numbers 12-16

5. The third 10 books of the Bible

1. 2024 is a third-day-of-creation year. The 24th year is the third year in the fourth seven years of the century. The third season is the game-changing season. The third day of creation reset the platforms in creation. It was on the third day of creation that the great carriers (sea, dry ground, and vegetation) came into existence. The third chapter of every book of the Bible is the game-changing chapter in the book. The third year in every seven-year season is a game-changing year. So, 2024 is the game-changing year in the in the fourth seven years (2022 – 2028) of the century. It is like 2003 when Saddam Husseini was captured; like 2010 when disasters hit different parts of the world; and like 2017 when Trump became President. The third book and third chapters of the Bible are also applicable to the season. 

2. The year 2024 is a book of Jeremiah year. Jeremiah is the 24th book of the Bible and is a guiding light for 2024 and any other 24th season. 

In the 24th book of the Bible, God uncovered the prophet in a priest; and established him in his ordination. Jeremiah went from being a priest to becoming a prophet. Jeremiah is the beginning of a new order of prophetic ministry – “the word of the Lord came to me saying”. This is used in about 12 verses of Jeremiah and in 49 verses of Ezekiel. It is not used in Isaiah. This is the season of waiting on the Lord for His Word.  

The Lord called Him as a prophet to the nations to uproot, pull down, build and plant. As God overthrew the waters on the third day of creation and established the earth and its vegetation, that is how God plans to overthrow people and things working against His purposes and establish those that will facilitate the execution of His plans in 2024.

In his days, Jeremiah stood for the uprooting of what God was displeased with and for the planting of what Heaven approved of. The captivity of Judah and the destruction of Jerusalem happened in his season and he prophesied it. He stood for Babylon and against Judah and Jerusalem because of Judah’s rebellion against God.  Jeremiah was like a prophet to ‘the Church’ calling her to return to God and warning her against judgment. This is a season to call the church back to God. 2024 is a season of standing for what God stands for; and a season of standing against what God stands against. It is the year of the word of the Lord – not the year of our thoughts and wishes. Confrontation and change must begin in the Church. 

2024 is the year of ‘the prophet’. The word ‘prophet’ is used in 296 verses of the Old Testament. In Jeremiah alone, it is used in 87 verses. This is more than 29%.

The name Jeremiah means ‘God is high’ and is very fitting for the 24th book of the Bible that shows God is Final Authority. The 24th book of the Bible (Jeremiah) has 52 chapters –  just as the year has 52 weeks. I suggest that you read one chapter a day for the first 52 days of the year. You can also read and study a chapter of Jeremiah each week of the 52 weeks of 2024.

3. 2024 is a Numbers 12-16 season. What does the 24th year of the 21st century have to do with Numbers 12-16? The fourth book of the Bible (Numbers) is Guiding Light for the fourth 7 years of the 21st century (2022 – 2028). Each year of this seven year season has a pattern in the fourth book of the Bible.  2022 expressed Numbers 1-6. 2023 expressed Numbers 7-11. 2024 is a Numbers 12-16 year. 2025 is a Numbers 17-21 year. 2026 is a Numbers 22-26 year. 2027 is a Numbers 27-31 year. 2028 is a Numbers 32-36 year.

Numbers 12-16 are the overthrow-chapters in the fourth book of the Bible. Miriam became leprous for speaking against Moses in Numbers 12. The 12 spies (except Joshua and Caleb) brought an evil report of the Promised Land in Numbers 13. Israel rejected the Good Land and God sentenced His people to 40 years of wandering in the Wilderness in Numbers 14. Numbers 15 is about maintaining peace with God through obedience to His commandants. The rebellion and judgment of Korah and his company is recorded in Numbers 16. The year 2024 is for the judgment and overthrow of the rebellious. 

4. 2024 is an Ecclesiastes – Amos year. Going through any 7-year season is like taking a prophetic journey through the Bible. Every 7-year season has an Old Testament side and a New Testament side. The first four years of the season belongs to the Old Testament side of the season and expresses the 39 books of the Old Testament. The remaining three years of the season constitute the New Testament side and expresses the 27 books of the New Testament. The third year of the season is also the third year in the Old Testament side of the season; and expresses the third 10 books of the Old Testament and the Bible. In the third 10 books of the Bible (Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel and Amos), God sent His prophets to speak to the people. They confronted the people, warned them against judgment, comforted the faithful, and brought judgment on the arrogant. 2024 is for the overthrow of the rebellious and establishment of the humble and just. How you fare in the year 2024 depends on your attitude and response to the word of God; and of course, the enduring mercy of God. This is a year of prophetic confrontation and judgment. It is also a year of prophetic comfort.

5. 2024 is a 24th-chapters-of-the-Bible year. In Genesis 24, Rebekah was found, and picked from, among other girls to be Isaac’s wife. The thick veil that covered Rebekah was lifted and she was chosen to become the wife of Isaac, the Seed of Promise, and the mother of Esau and Jacob. In First Samuel 24, Saul and his company who chased David to the cave were overtaken by sleep and fell into the hands of David but he spared Saul. In Second Samuel 24, Mount Moriah, which had become the threshing floor of a Jebusite, was recovered and made an altar for God. That was where Solomon built the temple of God. The returnees rebuilt the temple on the same site. The 24th Psalm opens with the acknowledgment of God as the Owner of the earth and all that is in it. Psalm 24:1-2 says, “The earth is the LORD’s, and all its fullness, The world and those who dwell therein. For He has founded it upon the seas, And established it upon the waters”. God demonstrates He is the Owner of the earth in the 24th season. In Luke 24, Jesus rose from the dead and broke through the sealed tomb. In Acts 24, Tertulius gathered vain fellows to raise accusation against Paul but the false accusers could not prevail. In the same chapter, Governor Felix who denied Paul due justice was moved out and Governor Festus took his place. Every 24th chapter of the Bible is applicable to 2024 and any other 24th year. This is a year of manifestation; and hindrances to manifestation will be removed. New rules against diverse restrictions are going to be made in different parts of the world.

2023 is a year of cleaning and tidying up the house of God in individual lives, communities and nations. Altars taking the place of God in our lives are to be demolished and replaced with the altar of God. 2023 is a year to give ourselves wholly to God. 2024 is a year of desolations. Those who neglected the word of God in 2023 will face the terrible consequences in 2024. The Lord will fight to recover His place among His people and on the earth. 

In 2024, God’s charge against His people will be that “they have forsaken me”. There will be a call to return to Him. Some will heed the call but many will harden their hearts. The result will be judgment and desolation. Those who heed the call of God will be separated from the rest. 2024 will be a ‘Rebekah Year’. The Rebekahs of this season will be separated from the familiar ‘house of Laban’ to be joined to their Isaacs in the place of destiny.


1. Season of ‘relocations’ based on identity & purpose  (Genesis 24; Jeremiah, the captives, 2 Samuel 24). There will be relocations – spiritual, vocational, geographical. The relocation may be voluntary or involuntary. Babylonian captivity of the Jews in the book of Jeremiah was an involuntary.

2. Season of Prophetic Voices – speaking for God (the book of Jeremiah, 2 Samuel 24). This is a year of “the word of the Lord”. It is a year of “Thus says the Lord”. Prophets preach repentance. Prophets call people to return to God. Prophets warn about and release judgment. Prophets speak restoration and give hope.

3. Season of demonstrating loyalty to God & separating from the crowd (Genesis 24; Joshua & Caleb; Numbers 24; Joshua 24; Psalm 24)

4. Season of enduring Opposition and Persecutions (Jeremiah, 1 Samuel 24; Acts 24; Matthew 24)

5. Season of battling Falsehood (Acts 24; Job 24)

6. Season of Judgment. There are six unfriendly words used in the book of Jeremiah that may suggest the direction of the year 2024. They are wake-up words. The words are adversity, calamity, catastrophe, desolation, destruction and disaster.

The word ‘adversity’ is used in 20 verses (and in 9 books) in the entire Bible. In the book of Jeremiah, it is used in six verses. This is more than 25%.

The word ‘calamity‘ is used in 46 verses of the Bible. In Jeremiah alone, it is used in 14 verses. This more than 25%.

The word ‘catastrophe’ is used only in four verses of the Bible. The four verses are in the book of Jeremiah (11:23; 19:3; 44:11; 51:64)

The word ‘desolate’ is used in 132 verses in the entire Bible. The Book of Jeremiah (the 24th book of the Bible) has 35 of those verses. That is more than 25%. This indicates that 2024 will be a year of desolations.

The word destruction is used in 109 verses of the Bible (94 in the Old Testament). It is used 10 verses of Jeremiah. This is more than 9%.

The word ‘disaster‘ is used in 38 verses of the Bible. 12 of those verses are in the book of Jeremiah. That is more than 25%. (Isaiah 24; Jeremiah 24; Ezekiel 24 

7. Season of establishing servant leaders (Luke 24; Rebekah 24). Season when those who are in alignment with God will experience the power of God to bless.


1. Desire and seek proper positioning for the season. Rebekah was repositioned in Genesis 24 through marriage to Isaac and relocation. Moses and his team repositioned in Exodus 24, by the Word of the Lord, to be able to receive what God had for Israel. Joshua called the elders of Israel in Joshua 24 to reposition themselves and the people for the next level with God. In Second Samuel 24, God guided David, through Prophet Gad, to reposition Mount Moriah from hosting a threshing floor to hosting an altar. In First Chronicles 24, David positioned the priests and levites for the work of the tabernacle. In Second Chronicles 24, Jehoiada the Priest guided young king Joash to reposition Judah for God’s blessings by repairing the temple. In the 24th book of the Bible, God repositioned Jeremiah from being a priest to becoming a prophet. What would God have you do so differently as you move into a new season – as an individual, leader, family, business, ministry, church, institution, community or nation? It is very costly to be wrongly positioned in any season. Be ready to go where He wants and do what He wants. You can’t afford to miss whatever God has for you in the new season.

2. Receive the Word, Believe it and Stay with it. Don’t speak your mind or feeling. Stand strong on your identity and purpose in Christ. Jeremiah believed what God told him about his ordination – identity and purpose (Jeremiah 1: 5).

3. Preach and speak the word and call people to repentance to avert judgment. God is jealous that His people have forsaken Him to run after other gods (idols). 2024 is a year of divine jealousy. God is displeased with anything that makes it difficult for His voice to be received on earth in the third season. He wants you to remove barriers and alternatives to communion with Him in this season (Jeremiah 3:1,7,12-15,21-22; 4:1; 8:4-7;15:6-8, 19).

Jeremiah is called the weeping prophet and a prophet of doom because of what God revealed to him and the burden he had to call his people back to God and keep them from judgment (Jeremiah 1:16; 2:13; 5:7,19; 15:6; 16:10-11; 19:3-4).

4. Be ready to stand alone for God if you have to. Don’t go with the crowd.

5. Be determined to endure opposition and persecution 

6. Be sensitive. Don’t build what Heaven wants to pull down. Don’t stay where God has left. Don’t defend what God wants to destroy.

7. Be productive per your identity, purpose and potential. This is a year of identity and purpose. God has a name and a purpose for you. The time has come to show who you are and why you exist by the fruits you bear. This is a year of bringing forth what God had put in you.

Happy 2024!


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