Here are 12 patterns and prayer points from the 21st book and 21st chapters of the Bible that can guide our prayers before the Lord this 21st week of the year.

1. A time of joy and testimonies for the fulfillment of prophecies and promises

The 21st and the realization of dreams go together. It is a time to realize dreams and receive long awaited promises and expectations. It is a time to go from DREAM to DONE. The birth of Isaac (the 21st from Adam) is recorded in Genesis 21. This is a week of laughter. Israel began to possess the land of her enemies in Numbers 21 (defeating Og, Sihon, and the King of Arad). This is the season to bring down and dispossess giant enemies (2 Samuel 21: 15-22). The tribe of Levi received their inheritance in Joshua 21. In the same chapter, it is recorded that God fulfilled to Israel the promise of land He made to their fathers. Psalm 21 is about a king whose desires the Lord had granted. Revelation 21 records the fulfillment of the promise of a new heaven and a new earth, the manifestation of the tabernacle of God on earth, and the wiping away of tears. The 21st season is a season of dreams coming true. Read Genesis 21: 1ff; Joshua 21:1-3, 43-45; Psalm 21: 1ff; Revelation 21: 1-4). Under the 21st president of the United States,Arthur Chester, the Civil Service reforms that the 18th, 19th, and 20th presidents could not achieve, became reality.

Receiving promises may require the removal of obstacles. So, this season is also for dismantling all barriers to access. In Numbers 21, Israel overthrew three kings that denied them access on their way to Canaan.

PRAYER: Pray that this week would be a season of receiving promises and realizing dreams. Pray that it is not a season of unjust miscarriage of hopes and expectations.

2. The 21st season to demonstrate to people in authority that there is Power above their powers.

Ecclesiastes 5:8 says, “If you see the oppression of the poor, and the violent perversion of justice and righteousness in a province, do not marvel at the matter; for high official watches over high official, and higher officials are over them”.

This is the season to tame arrogant rulers and leaders both in the Church and in the Nations (Ahab in First Kings 21; Manasseh in Second Kings 21; David in First Chronicles 21; and Jehoram in Second Chronicles 21). Abraham rebuked Abinelech in Genesis 21: 25-26. This is the season to recover kingdoms and thrones from abusive leaders and rulers. The 21st chapters of Exodus and Deuteronomy reveal that this is a season of justice and responsibility. The governments of this world have become too compromised to stand for justice. The church, by prophetic unction, must rise to this responsibility of enforcing the rule of the Kingdom in the nations.

It is a time to tame the proud and the arrogant. In First Kings 21, Elijah stepped in to confront and curse Ahab and his house – over the case of Naboth. In Second Kings 21, judgment came upon Manasseh and Judah because of the sins and wickedness of Manasseh. In First Chronicles 21, Israel came under a plague for David’s wrong step in numbering Israel. The 21st chapters of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel are judgments decreed on nations. Heaven reacts against human pride and arrogance in the 21st season.

PRAYER: Pray that the Lord will visit wickedness and the wicked in our world. Pray that the Lord will hear the cry of the poor and helpless and answer their prayers against wickedness. Pray that the Lord will move the heart of kings and people in authority to do His will this season. Pray that the kings of the earth will humble themselves before the King of kings (Revelation 21: 24, 26).

3. This is the season to separate your Ishmael from Isaac. It’s time to let Ishmael go as in Genesis 21!

Your Ishmael is the fruit your fleshly effort. Your Isaac is the fruit of your total faith in God and His word. It is needless to hold on to the fruit of compromise when the Lord is waiting to fulfill His promises. Your Isaac and your Ishmael cannot go or grow together.

PRAYER: Pray that the Lord would cause a separation between that which is of the Spirit and that which is of the flesh among His people in the nations. Pray that God’s people in the nations will have the courage to stand for godliness and righteousness. Pray for Israel – that Isaac would rest from Ishmael’s trouble.

4. This is a season of refreshing.

The Lord opened Hagar’s eyes to see a well of water from which she and her son were refreshed in Genesis 21:15-19. In Numbers 21:16-18, God led Israel to a place of wells of water. This is a season of wells of refreshing water for Israel and the nations.

PRAYER: Pray that times of resting would come from the presence of the Lord this week and that the thirsty would find wells of refreshing water in the assemblies and congregations of God’s people in the nations. Pray that the eyes of the sons of Ishmael will be opened to see the Well of Living Water – Christ.

5. This is a season of three Rs – recovery, restoration and redirection:

It is a time of recovery and rehabilitation. In Judges 21, Israel came together at Shiloh to solve the problem of finding wives for the men of Benjamin. That step saved the tribe of Benjamin.They recovered Benjamin. In First Chronicles 21, David recovered a holy ground that had become a threshing floor from Araunah (Ornan). In Matthew 21, Jesus cleansed and restored the temple. In Matthew 21: 33-46, the Owner of the Vineyard recovered his property from the wicked vinedresser. In John 21, Peter and the other disciples wanted to return to fishing but Jesus redirected Peter to shepherding. In Acts 21, Paul returned to Jerusalem for the Feast of Pentecost. The Jews wanted to kill him; but God delivered him and began to make way to take him to Rome.

PRAYER: Pray that the Lord will grant recoveries and cause rehabilitation among His people and in the nations. Pray for the recovery of Holy grounds of faith and wells of living water lost to the world as in Genesis 21 and Second Chronicles 21. Pray that God’s Vineyard will be recovered from unfaithful and wicked caretakers as in Matthew 21. Pray for the restoration of the temple and house of God suffering abuse from self-centered pursuits. Pray that the Lord will redirect His people from returning to the familiar place we used to be; and guide them to move on to to new grounds we’ve never been to.

6. This season is for the manifestation of the Bride.

The 21st season is for the presentation or engagement of the bride. Ishmael got married in Genesis 21:22. Exodus 21 talks about the slave-wife.; Leviticus 21 is about the wife of the priest. Moses addressed the issue of the unloved first wife in Deuteronomy 21. Israel found wives for the men of Benjamin in Judges 21. Jezebel fought for her husband, Ahab, in First Kings 21. The wife of the Lamb is introduced in Revelation 21. A man’s wife makes his dreams and desires reality. Sarah bore a son to Abraham. Jezebel gave Ahab Naboth’s land. The Bride of Christ are those who are connected to Christ by undying LOVE and affection. They go with the Lord wherever He goes. They are not just servants or sons.

PRAYER: Pray that the Bride of Christ will shine forth and be celebrated in the nations this season. Pray that the Bride of Christ in Israel and the nations will be properly positioned to do her work this week.

7. Season of laughter instead of crying. This is the week of the arrival of ‘Isaac‘.

In Genesis 21, Sarah said God had made her laugh; and in Revelation 21, God said “there shall be no more crying or pain”. This season, Gods people are to proclaim “no more death” by the force of truth and enter into laughter by the Spirit.

PRAYER: Pray that this week will be a seasons of joy, laughter and celebration for God’s people – and not a season of sorrow and tears. Pray fervently against the sword that consumes without a cause. Pray against mourning and sorrowing in God’s family this week.

8. Season of finding answers and root causes.

It is a time to gain knowledge and receive answers to questions. Ecclesiastes, the 21st book of the Bible, is about seeking and finding answers to life’s hard questions. In Genesis 21, God showed Hagar a well of water in a critical time of need. In Numbers 21, Moses received an answer from God concerning the plague of the fiery serpent. In Second Samuel 21, David gained insight concerning the three-year famine that afflicted Israel. In First Chronicles 21, David wanted to know the population statistics of Israel; although it got him into trouble. In Luke 21, the disciples of Jesus wanted to understand times and seasons. In John 21, Jesus delivered His disciples from their struggles to catch fish; by telling them what to do. This is a week of answers. Those who seek will find.

PRAYER: Pray that the Lord will lead His people to answers this week. Pray that the Lord will open the eyes of leaders to His answers to plagues in the nations as in Second Samuel 21. Pray for the answer the war in Ukraine. Pray that there will be answers for nations that are plagued by different things.

9. This is a season to pay attention to times and seasons;

The 21st book of the Bible (Ecclesiastes) and the 21st chapter of Luke give prominence to the value of understanding times and seasons. Understanding times and seasons will save individuals, families, the church, and the nations from evil surprises (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8; 8: ; 9:12). It is costly to be ignorant of times and seasons in this age.

PRAYER: Pray for a clear understanding of the times to know what God’s people ought to do, this week and to do it. Pray those, among God’s people, who are confused and need direction.

10. This is a season to be guided by love rather than selfishness.

Israel was guided by love in Judges 21 when the tribes came together to seek the welfare of Benjamin..Ahab and Jezebel treated Naboth’s matter selfishly in First Kings 21. Manasseh was a very selfish king. Second Kings 21 bears witness. He shed much innocent blood. Jehoram was selfish in the way he killed his brothers in Second Chronicles 21. The 21st book of the Bible opens with the king and author and his self-centered achievements and pursuits. In John 21, Jesus queried Peter to secure a commitment of love. This is a week to walk in love, project community and emphasize connectivity. Isolation and individualism are killers in the 21st season. Anyone living in the 21st century knows that. The 21st book of the Bible says, “Two are better than one, Because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls, For he has no one to help him up. Again, if two lie down together, they will keep warm; But how can one be warm alone? Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12).

PRAYER: Pray for grace to walk in love and for wisdom to go the way of community, collaboration and company. Pray to be deliver from self-centered people and be kept from following selfish ways.

11. It is a season to slay giant foes.

Israel began to possess the land of her enemies, in Numbers 21, by defeating Og, Sihon, and the King of Arad. The news of the defeat of those great kings shook Jericho (Joshua 2: Those three kings denied them access on their way to Canaan. David’s men slew four giants in 2 Samuel 21: 15-22). They killed those who kill David.

PRAYER: Pray that the Lord grant His people access to things, places, and people they desire. Pray that the places the enemy had sealed be opened for God’s people. Pray that the Lord will give His people victory over evil giants and strong enemies.

12. It is a Psalm 141 – 147 season.

Week 21 consists of 141st – 147th days of the year. The 21st seven psalms begin with desperate cries to God for protection and deliverance from enemies and the wicked; and they are guiding light for Days 141-147 in the year. They provide a pattern for prayers in this week. This is a season to pray fervently against the plots, snares and trans of the wicked as in Psalm 141:9-10.

PRAYER: Pray that God’s people in the nations will be prayerful, sensitive and alert against the schemes of the wicked. Decree escapes from the snares of the wicked.


Going through the 21st week is like taking a prophetic journey through the 21st seven Psalms (141-147) and the 21st book of the Bible (Ecclesiastes) plus the 21st chapters of the Bible.

You may read as follows:

May 20: Psalm 141 & Ecclesiastes 1-2

May 21: Psalm 142 & Ecclesiastes 3-4

May 22: Psalm 143 & Ecclesiastes 5-6

May 23: Psalm 144 & Ecclesiastes 7-8

May 24: Psalm 145 & Ecclesiastes 9-10

May 25: Psalm 146 & Ecclesiastes 11

May 26: Psalm 147 & Ecclesiastes 12


Joshua 21:43-45: “So the LORD gave to Israel ALL the land of which He had sworn to give to their fathers, and they took possession of it and dwelt in it. [44] The LORD gave them rest ALL around, according to ALL that He had sworn to their fathers. And not a man of ALL their enemies stood against them; the LORD delivered ALL their enemies into their hand. [45] Not a word failed of any good thing which the LORD had spoken to the house of Israel. ALL came to pass.

Happy 21st weekend of the year.


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