Remember the 6th Day


Every dated or numbered season is a time to remember what God did on the day of creation that corresponds to the season. It is also time to remember the book of the Bible and the chapters of the Bible that correspond to the season.

In the Bible, the 7th day or 7th year is a season rest because God rested on the 7th day. This tells us that every day of the week is for remembering what God did on the day of creation that corresponds to it.

The 6th day, week or year is a season to remember what God did on the 6th day of creation. What did God do on the 6th day of creation? What are we supposed to remember on the 6th day, week or year? Six things!

1. God created man in His image and after His own likeness. God created man to be godly. This is a season to shun ungodliness.

2. God mandated man (the godly) to subdue, rule and have dominion over the ungodly (Ephesians 6: 10-18).

3. Celebration of grace – man was created last and yet given dominion over the rest of creation.

4. God blessed man with fruitfulness and multiplication. It is a season to think multiplication (Genesis 6:1; 2 Kings 6:1; Acts 6:1)

5. God provided for man without man asking or praying for food. This is not a season of anxiety for provisions (Matthew 6: 25-33).

6. God communicated His plan to man. This is a season of wisdom and success through communion with God.


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