Day 186: The Mystery of July 5


Welcome to a new day!

FIVE DESCRIPTIONS OF THE DAY: These will help you to view the day from it’s differentq angles.

Today Is

  1. 1. July 5 (in a Clear year); July 4 (in a Leap year).

2. The fourth day of the 27th Week (July 2 – 8 in a Clear year/ July 1 – 7 in a Leap year).

3. The 39th day in the fourth 7 Weeks of the year. (May 28 July 15 in a clear year/ May 27 – July 14 in a leap year).

4. The 186th day of the year (from January 1). In this article, this day will be called Day 186

5. A fourth-season day because it is the fourth day of the 27th week of the year.


The Bible patterns for understanding this 186th day are

1. The fourth day of creation narrative.(Genesis 1: 14 – 19)

2. The fourth book of the Bible (Numbers)

3. The fourth chapters of the Bible.

4. Daniel 7- 8 (the fourth 2 chapters of the 27th book of the Bible).

5. The 39th book of the Bible (Malachi) and the 39th chapters of the Bible.

6. The last 9 books of the Old Testament (Obadiah – Malachi).

Day 186 is a fourth day of creation day. It is a fourth-season day. On the fourth day of creation, God made the luminaries to give light to the earth and hold darkness in check, to divide the darkness from the light, to rule the day and the night, and to be for seasons. God gives guidance through His Word, wise counsel, revelation, dreams, visions, and signs, to keep us from falling into trouble in fourth seasons. Divine counsel is the light of the fourth day. The darkness of the fourth day expresses itself through trials – persecution, temptations, suffering, oppression, satanic attacks, and the like. On this day in 2021, unknown gunmen abducted 140 students from Bethel Baptist High School in Kaduna Nigeria. This was like darkness overtaking the students, their families and school.

Day 186 is book of Malachi season in the 27th week. Malachi is the 39th book of the Bible; and is applicable to the 39th day in the fourth 49 days of the year. The 39th chapters of the Bible are also applicable. The 39th book of the Bible is the last book of the Old Testament. It is the bridge into the New Testament. This means that this 39th day is the end of the Old Testament side of the 27th week. The book of Malachi is about God’s controversy with His people. The people argued with God and denied His charges against them. They were not seeing their spiritual condition as God saw them. Genesis 39 is also applicable to this day. It gives the account of Joseph’s arrival and stay in Portiphar’s house. It also gives account the big temptation from Lady Portiphar and Joseph’s imprisonment. Portiphar’s house was the Bridge to Joseph’s destiny. Day 186 is the bridge-day in the 27th week and in the fourth 49 days of the year. On the this day in 1776 (a leap year), the 13 colonies of the United States declared independence from Great Britain. For the 13 colonies, this day was like Josep’s last day in Portiphar’s house. That was their last day in the Old Testament side of their quest for freedom and self-determination..

Day 186 is a Daniel chapter 7-8 day! The fourth two chapters of the 27th book can be applied to this fourth day of the 27th week. The seventh and eighth chapters are the beginning of Daniel’s visions and their interpretation. In Daniel 7, Daniel saw a vision of four beasts representing four successive human kingdoms. The fourth beasts made war with the saints of the Most High and was prevailing against them “until the Ancient of Days came, and a judgment was made in favor of the saints of the Most High, and the time came for the saints to possess the kingdom” (Daniel 7:22). The kingdom belonged to the saints of the Most High but the fourth beast dominated them. God took from the fourth beast what belonged to saints and gave it to them. Daniel 7 is about the freedom of the saints from the dominion of the beast. The 8th chapter of the book is about the rise of three kingdoms – Medp-Persian kingdom, the Grecian kingdom and the Roman kingdom; the persecution that shall happen in the time of the Roman kingdom. The seventh and eighth chapters of Daniel reveal that Day 186 is a day of light from heaven concerning times and seasons; as God created the luminaries on the fourth day of creation. 

Day 186 is Obadiah – Malachi day in the 27th week. Every week is like a journey through the Bible. Every week has an Old Testament side and a New Testament side. The first four days of the week belong to the Old Testament side and express the 39 books of the Old Testament. The remaining three days of the week constitute the New Testament side and express the 27 books of the New Testament. The fourth day of the week is the day closing the Old Testament side of the week; and expresses the last nine books of the Old Testament. Day 186 is the bridge-day leading to the New Testament side of the 27th week. The books of ‘the minor prophets’ are part of the last 9 books of the O.T. They are about judgment and promises of restoration. Day 186 is the day of the dominion of the Voice of God in the nations. 

DECREE AND DECLARE: God made us in His image and likeness to rule, have dominion, and impose His will on seasons; as He did with the seven days of creation. He decreed what He wanted for each day. We are to decree what is revealed concerning each day. Today, decree the downfall of the wicked and the lifting and establishment of the just. Today, prophesy an end to something in your life, family, business, community, and nation. Today, raise your voice against wickedness and oppression wherever it is found. Prophesy! Prophesy!! Prophesy!!! Today, also pray to be more sensitive in the spirit; to pick up necessary signals that would help you triumph over the enemy and keep darkness away. Today, pray to be delivered from falling into temptation. Pray to be preoccupied with the person of God; and to be focused on His mandate and His revealed purpose for your life. Be careful to weigh every decision in light of God’s purpose for your life; and God’s purpose for the time. Today, proclaim an end to woes and declare the dawn of a new day. Happy 186th day!

On this day in 2022, unknown gunmen attacked Kuje Prison, Abuja, and more than 400 prisoners escaped including 150 Boko Haram members. The same Tuesday night, the outgoing General Secretary of OPEC, Mohammed Sanusi Barkindo, died at 63 after being received and honored by President Buhari.

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