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20 Special 2024-PRAYERS for you


One of the ways to prepare for a new year is to spend time in prayer – for those who believe in prayer. This will prepare and position your heart to discern God’s will and align with the same. Prayer will engage the power of God to go ahead of you and work in your favour. Prayer will connect you to the people and things you need or desire. Prayer will frustrate and neutralize forces that are set against you.

Biblical patterns for the 24th year of the 21st century indicate that prayer is key to receiving the blessings of 2024. Abraham’s servant prayed to God before he met Rebekah in Genesis 24. Psalm 24 is an encouragement to pray. It tells us that the earth and its resources, with the world and those who dwell in it, belong to God. Speaking to God is a principal way to get the things, and reach the people, you want. As the Owner of the earth and the world, God can connect you to anything and anyone you need or desire. The 24th book of the Bible encourages us to pray. In verse 27 of the 32nd chapter, God said to Jeremiah, “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for me”. Luke 24 is another encouragement to pray. The resurrection of Jesus is recorded in that chapter. He was raised from the dead by the power of God. In Luke 24:49, Jesus spoke to His disciples about tarrying in the city of Jerusalem until they had been endued with “power from on high”.

2024 is a year to pray and prove that the earth, its resources and dwellers belong to God as Psalm 24 says. This is a year to demonstrate, through prayer, that nothing is too difficult for God to handle as the 24th book of the Bible (Jeremiah) says in 32: 17, 26-27. This is a year to draw “power from on high”, through prayer and obedience, to shape circumstances on earth.

Below are 20 prayers for you concerning 2024. Please, don’t just read them and say ‘Amen’. Personalize each and pray them over yourself throughout the year.

1. May you be an answer to a great prayer in 2024 as Rebekah was in Genesis 24. May God give you selfless helpers as He gave to Abraham in Genesis 24. May all who count on you this 2024, as Abraham relied on his servant in Genesis 24, never be disappointed. If you are a Rebekah, may God take you to your Isaac. If you are an Isaac, may the Lord bring your Rebekah to you

2. May your dwelling in 2024 be on the mountain of God’s presence as it was for Moses in Exodus 24. This year, may you be where God wants you to be to receive what He wants to give you.

3. May your life never blaspheme the name of the Lord in 2024 like the child of a mixed marriage who blasphemed God in Leviticus 24. This year, may you have grace, like Aaron, to see that the lamp of the Lord burns continually through your life – in your family and neighborhood.

4. This 2024, may you be separated from, and never be in partnership with, the enemies of God who seek the failure of God’s purpose. Like Balaam in Numbers 24, may you walk away from every Balak in 2024.

5. As God gave commandments to Israel in Deuteronomy 24, may 2024 be your year of walking in purity, justice and kindness before God. May rebellion against God never find a place in your life in 2024.

6. Like Joshua in Joshua 24, may the year 2024 be a special year of turning away from every distraction to serve God with your family.

7. This 2024, may those who desperately seek to harm you, fall shamefully before you as king Saul was disgraced before David in First Samuel 24. This year, the Lord will fight for you and save you from seeking vengeance for yourself.

8. This 2024, may the Lord keep you from wrong decisions that will cost life or lives or lead to other costly wastage; and if there are mistakes, may the Lord show you mercy and turn it around for His purpose as it happened to David in Second Samuel 24.

9. May the Lord deliver you, this 2024, from anything that will make you fall before your enemies or be their captive as it happened to Judah and Jerusalem in 2 Kings 24. May the Lord stop the ungodly who will fight to prevail against you.

10. May the Lord guide you, this 2024, to take your place in the House of God as His priest and devoted servant – just as the sons of Aaron had their places in the Tabernacle in First Chronicles 24.

11. As king Joash and Jehoiada worked together to repair the house of God in Second Chronicles 24, may the Lord give you grace, in 2024, to focus on repairing the house of God in your life. May you have grace to end the year with strength and soundness. May the Lord keep you from acting like king Joash who went from good to bad in Second Chronicles 24.

12. This 2024, may the Lord deliver you from violent men who seek possession of what is not their own as mentioned in Job 24. May their portion be given to them this year. Job 24:1-2, 11, 15, 19-22, 24

13. May the Lord grant you to walk in the light of Psalm 24: 1-2 in the year 2024. In all you do, may you never forget that the earth and all its fullness is the Lord’s; and that the world and those who dwell in it are also His own. May strong gates and doors open before you this 2024.

14. May the Lord deliver you from the path of foolishness, wickedness, craftiness and laziness in 2024. May His wisdom be your strength. May you never fall below the divine counsels in Proverbs 24.

15. May the Lord deliver you and all yours, this 2024, from the kind of devastation proclaimed in Isaiah 24. May the Lord help you to walk the path of blessings in 2024 and steer clear the way of curses and destruction.

16. As Jeremiah had a vision of the basket of good figs and basket of bad figs in Jeremiah 24, may you never be numbered among the ill-favored bad figs in 2024. May you never be among those marked for destruction in 2024.

17. May the Lord be gracious to you and all yours in 2024 and hide you in His Goshen. May He cover you from the woes and pains of the season. May the Blood of Jesus protect you and all yours from the Ezekiel 24 kind of judgment and pain.

18. May the Lord give you understanding concerning the season of 2024; as Jesus guided His disciples to understand the times in Matthew 24. May the Lord help you to be sensitive and watchful in this 2024 season as Jesus calls us to watch in Matthew 24.

19. May the Lord give you a resurrection-type turnaround in 2024 as Jesus rose from the dead in Luke 24. May this year be a season of restoration of spiritual sight as the Lord opened the eyes of the disciples on the road to Emmaus.

20. May the Lord silence your accusers and persecutors in 2024. May their voices crack and never be heard. May all who resist you or fight against you in 2024 be put to shame like the enemies of Paul in Acts 24.

Have a blessed 2024!



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